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'Ivan Cardozo' CD

This CD is an instrumental guitar album composed, produced and arranged by Ivan Cardozo.

 The Prelude is the only piece in the album not composed by Ivan Cardozo and it is the first movement of the Venezuelan suite for classical guitar, composed by The Great Maestro Antonio Lauro.

The album can be described as a mixture of guitar textures going from traditional Rock and blues cadences and guitar licks mixed with real strings classical orchestrations.

Many guitars were used in the recording  of this album, Ivan's own custom Pacifica electric (baby blue), Yamaha classical guitars, Ovation 12 strings as well as Tom anderson electric guitars.

One could even adventure to say that this album could be a soundtrack for a movie, since it has all the elements of a good film, that is, a good story splendidly developed, fantastic dynamics and communication between the parts, brilliant performance and a realistic grounding end. 

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